Hinges & Hardware

Hinges & Hardware

Tri-Star Cabinet offers a variety of hinge and hardware options to complement any style cabinet — and to make any room truly unique.


Choose from four different hinge construction options. Most door styles are available with any hinge option for further customization.

  • Hidden
    Hidden hinges, also known as concealed hinges, cannot be seen when the cabinet door is closed.
  • European
    A European hinge is a type of hidden hinge that is most commonly used on frameless-style cabinets. European hinges are adjustable to facilitate door alignment, permit a range of door-opening angles, and make it easy to remove the door for cleaning and refinishing.
  • Inset Doors
    Inset doors fit inside the face frame opening of the cabinet, providing a clean design line while minimizing gaps between cabinet components. Inset doors use butt hinges or surface-mounted cabinet hinges. Personalize your inset doors with beaded or flush insets to suit your taste.
    • Beaded Inset
      A subtle groove, or line of beading, is built into the face frame along the door edges to add an edge detail to the design, reminiscent of old-world craftsmanship.
    • Flush Inset
      Flush, or plain, inset door designs do not have the grooved detail. This design offers clean lines that coordinate well with the simpler modern or contemporary styles.


With dozens of pieces of hardware to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly the right ones to accent your new cabinets from Tri-Star. Choose all your hardware from a single style or mix it up to create a truly unique look!

Many upgrades are available for your hardware selection. Visit our showroom to see our wide variety of standard or upgraded hardware in styles to suit any taste and décor.

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