Joe Wilda, Sr.

Founder and Chairman of the Board

After nearly 50 years in business, Joe Wilda, Sr., one of the three original founders, is now the sole owner and operator of Tri-Star. Joe Sr.'s dedication to the business and to the Tri-Star family has been the key to Tri-Star's success and longevity. In addition, Joe Sr.'s talent and passion for artful wood working is unmatched — his favorite hobby will always be creating and designing new pieces for his friends and family. Although, if you don’t find him at Tri-Star or in his workshop at home, he is likely on the golf course or spending time with his wife and their eight grandchildren.

Joe Wilda, Jr.


Joe Sr.'s oldest son, Joe Wilda, Jr., has been a critical member of the Tri-Star team for more than 35 years and now serves as the company's President. Like his father, Joe Jr. demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the business and to the Tri-Star family. Joe Jr.'s commitment and leadership has Tri-Star well positioned for continued and sustainable success in the future.

Dave Pawlowski

Sales Manager

Dave has been with Tri-Star since 1977. During his time at the company, Dave has spent significant time in most departments (including the factory, service, installations and sales) which has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of Tri-Star's business. As a result of Dave's experience and commitment to Tri-Star, he was promoted to Sales Manager and has led the sales team for the past 23 years. Dave has a bachelor's degree from Benedictine University.

Barry Saidat

Sales Designer

Barry has been a designer with Tri-Star Cabinets for the past 27 years and has been in the design business for over 35 years. He enjoys leading clients through the design and customization process to help bring their ideas to life. Barry is a masterful designer with the lone objective of making a customer's dream their new reality.

Bob Paradiso

Sales Designer

Bob has been designing for Tri-Star for the past 20 years and has been in the design business for over 36 years. He loves how the styles within the industry are constantly evolving and how he can help match a particular customer with their unique style. In the early 1960’s, he helped operate his family's cabinet business in both production and design. Bob has an art's degree from Michigan State University.

Charlie Karlic

Sales Designer

Charlie joined the Tri-Star family over three years ago after spending the majority of his career as an officer in the Fire Department. Although Charlie has only been with Tri-Star for 3 years, he has extensive experience in the home building and remodeling industry and, as a result, has a keen eye for customization and design. Charlie enjoys guiding clients through the design process and bringing their vision to life, and the personal satisfaction that comes with knowing he helped create a beautiful new space in their home.

Dale Parker

Sales Designer

Dale is the newest member of Tri-Star’s design team. Dale completed Tri-Star's rigorous training regimen for new Sales Designers, including spending significant time working in each stage of the customization process in Tri-Star's factory. Now, Dale is looking forward to putting his experience to the test to build relationships and, most importantly, a customer's dream space. Prior to joining Tri-Star, Dale worked in theatrical light design and set construction.

Dale Soderholm

Sales Designer

Dale has been with Tri-Star for over 33 years and has led the company in sales for 3 consecutive years. Dale is masterful at his craft and enjoys the customization and design aspects of each project he works on, which is readily apparent from his attention to detail and drawing skills. Dale began his career as a professional baseball player for the Minnesota Twins, and in his off seasons Dale learned how to draw and sell custom cabinetry. Dale attributes his talent and passion for drawing to his father who was an artist.

Doug Brown

Sales Designer

Doug has been with Tri-Star for over 28 years and has significant experience in both residential and commercial projects. Doug loves how each project starts with a blank canvas and provides an opportunity to be creative and to design something unique. He understands that to be a good designer one needs to be able to recognize and adapt to a specific customer's style and specifications. When not at the office, Doug enjoys wood working, including building furniture and installing cabinets. He received a Bachelor's degree in 2D & 3D design with a minor in industrial arts from Eastern Illinois University.

John Dapkus

Sales Designer

John has been a sales designer with Tri-Star for the last 20 years. He really enjoys how each project is unique and brings together new ideas and relationships. As a designer, John relishes the opportunity to design and customize new concepts for clients and to help clients integrate various pieces in a space to translate a client's vision to reality. John attributes his lifelong fascination with custom cabinetry to his grandfather who was a cabinet maker.

John Maffei

Sales Designer

John has been with Tri-Star for 15 years and has been working in cabinet design for over 20 years. He enjoys opportunities to work with builders to customize and design spec homes and with homeowners to generate new layouts or modify existing layouts. Each project allows John to build upon a customer's ideas and expectations, and guide a client through their unique design process to bring their vision to life. John has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis University.

Judy Dober

Sales Designer

Judy has been with Tri-Star for 21 years and working in cabinet design for over 30 years. Prior to joining the Tri-Star family, she designed for three other cabinet companies but soon thereafter found that Tri-Star provided Judy and her clients with the best quality and design opportunities. Judy is very passionate about her designs and truly loves coming into a client's home to help them into the kitchen of their dreams.

“People are always surprised by what we can do, and it truly is exciting to see the transformation and knowing I was a part of this.” Judy Dober

Mike Sefick

Sales Designer

Mike has been with Tri-Star for over 30 years and is a second generation designer at Tri-Star following in his father’s footsteps. Prior to designing, Mike spent significant time in Tri-Star's building and specialty departments where he learned the intricacies of the business and Tri-Star's design process. In addition, Mike specializes in computer-aided-drawings (CAD) and has helped Tri-Star implement and utilize cutting-edge technology to create a visual and gratifying design experience for Tri-Star clients. Mike loves that he can utilize his two passions, design and technology, with his clients to create unique and artful design images that then come to life.

Rick Hulbert

Sales Designer

Rick has been a designer with Tri-Star for 13 years. Prior to joining the Tri-Star family, Rick owned his own cabinet business for 20 years that focused on service and installation of cabinetry. As a result of various installation projects for Tri-Star and remodeling his home with Tri-Star's cabinets, Rick had firsthand knowledge of the quality craftsmanship of Tri-Star's products. In addition, Rick has known one of the founders of Tri-Star, Joe Wilda, Sr., for many years and knew that he wanted to join the Tri-Star family. Rick's experience while owning his own business in the cabinet industry has proved to be extraordinarily valuable in his designs. Rick continues to enjoy the challenges that he faces with every new job and the satisfaction that he gains with each satisfied customer.

Scott Tichgelaar

Sales Designer

Scott has been with Tri-Star for 27 years. Prior to joining Tri-Star, Scott worked with various cabinet companies for nearly 6 years in roles including estimating project costs to building custom cabinets. Now, Scott continues to be valuable member of the design team accumulating in excess of $10 million in sales. Scott is passionate about helping clients design, incorporate ideas and finally achieve their dream kitchen.

“Seeing the smile on their faces when everything is done is the best part.” Scott Tichgelaar

Wayne Haser

Sales Designer

Wayne has been a sales designer with Tri-Star for over 15 years and in cabinet design for more than 20 years. Wayne’s career path started in management within a Canadian company with 300 million in annual sales where he managed the Customer Service/Order-Entry Department. However, Wayne had a strong desire to meld his management and art backgrounds on a local, retail and personal level and focused on a career in cabinet design. He is experienced in all facets of design: remodeling, new residential, commercial and industrial settings. Wayne takes pride in maintaining the highest level of customer service and respect for the customer, their homes and their ideas, allowing for the creation of beautiful and functional spaces.

Karen Skrbec

Sales Designer

Karen has been with the Tri-Star family for more than 16 years, and in kitchen and home design for 21 years. Karen loves how each project allows her to use her creativity to design a space for her clients that transforms their dreams into reality. Karen has a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture from Northern Illinois University.

"Seeing a before and after picture, along with smiling homeowners, makes all the hard work worthwhile." Karen Skrbec

Bob Hubert

Deliveries / Purchasing Manager

Shawn Healy

Plant Manager

Nancy Long

Office Manager

Becky Harvell

Accounting / Purchasing Assistant

Tammy Pawlowski

Administrative Assistant

Jim Lusciatti

Technical Department

Greg Cleveland

Technical Department