7 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Updating a kitchen is an exciting prospect — your opportunity to finally have the space of your dreams. Yet to make sure your kitchen remodel goes according to plan and you’re happy with the final kitchen design, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. Whether you’re still exploring kitchen remodel ideas or about to start construction, check out these tips for a smooth and successful project.

Kitchen Remodeling - Things to Consider

  1. Budget appropriately. The average cost of a kitchen remodel in America is $21,632. If your remodel is like most, you can expect to spend a total of somewhere between $12,594 and $33,065. To save yourself headaches during your project, decide upfront what you can spend and allocate funds to specific parts of the job: cabinets, countertops, lighting, flooring, appliances, installation costs, etc.
  2. Expect the unexpected. If there’s one thing you can count on with remodeling projects, it’s that something you didn’t count on happening will happen. Prepare for the unexpected by padding your budget by at least 15 percent. When you face an unexpected expense, you’ll have that extra funding ready.
  3. Think about flow. The layout of your kitchen makes a huge difference in its usability and appeal in day-to-day life. If the current layout works well, you may not need to rearrange anything, but if it’s not conducive to cooking, entertaining or creating an easy flow throughout other living spaces, you may need to start your project by rethinking the layout.
  4. Think about cabinet height and counter space. Whether you’re interested in extending your cabinets to the ceiling or changing your room layout to accommodate more counter space, think through the possibilities for cabinets and counters in your kitchen. You might add an island for more storage and workspace, or you might reconfigure the layout to make it more usable and convenient.
  5. Know standard sizes. Some helpful numbers to have ready in your remodel are standard counter depth (25 inches), average space between upper and lower cabinets (2 feet), space on each side of the sink (18 inches) and how big your kitchen workspace triangle should be (sum of the sides should be between 9 and 21 feet).
  6. Interview contractors. When it comes to home remodeling, not all contractors are created equal. Plan to do some research on reputable contractors by looking at reviews, the Better Business Bureau, samples of past projects and recommendations from people you trust.
  7. Styles change. Even if you love a color that’s currently on trend, it’s smart to evaluate its staying power. Mustard yellow was hot in the ’70s but not today. To avoid having to remodel again a few years down the line, if you want to sell or need to relocate, try to make decisions that will stand the test of time.
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